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Experience the beauty of Blyde Canyon River

Blyde Canyon Safaris, together with the Moletele community, offer scenic boat trips on the Blyde Dam. This is your opportunity to see the famous Three Rondawels and the Blyde River Canyon from the angle it’s supposed to be seen: while you’re on the water, at the base of the towering mountains that form these breathtaking sights. Tick off those last couple of birds that have been eluding your bird list and enjoy seeing the hippo’s and crocodiles that make this dam their home.

We are passionate about nature and preserving the few untouched pieces that remain in South Africa. We aim to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the beauty that the Lowveld has to offer. We run several activities and excursions and through our sister company, Blyde Adventure Camp, adventure and leadership camps for large groups.

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The Blyde River Canyon

The Blyde River Canyon is the largest green canyon in the world, thus making it one of the most visited attractions in South Africa and definitely on the list of activities to do in Mpumalanga. There are three ways in which you can visit the Canyon: from the viewpoints at the Three Rondavels, white river rafting, flying over it with a helicopter or in a microlight. Blyde River Canyons offer a 4th option by taking a scenic boat trip and viewing the Three Rondavels on the water.


Top Attractions

For more than four billion years the forces of nature have moulded this region and created some of the most breathtaking attractions in Africa. Here are some great Mpumalanga activities to do.


In Mpumalanga, there are tons of waterfalls, which are worth visiting like the Horseshoe Falls, the Lone Creek Falls, the Mac-Mac Falls, the Lisbon Falls and the Berlin Falls.

The Genesis Route​

The Genesis of Life is located on the Makhonjwa Mountains, South of Barberton. The area has some of the oldest volcanic pieces on the earth with evidence such as Bacteria Microfossils and fossils of the first oxygen producing plant called the Collenia.

The Lake District

The lake district in South Africa, near Chrissiesmeer is a group of majestic lakes that are home to 20 000 flamingos and were in ancient time inhabited by the Tlou-tle people who lived on the larger lakes, on rafts.

The Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park, which is one of the largest national parks in Africa is home to the Big Five animals and the Big Six Birds. The Park is a must visit attraction in South Africa.

God's Window

God’s Window has no frame, no glass and no handles; it is simply a view so magnificent. God’s Window has a panoramic view of: the Lowveld, over Mountains, River and Waterfalls.

Kadishi Tufa Waterfall

The Kadishi Tufa Waterfall is the second tallest tufa waterfall in world and it drops into the elegant Blydepoort Dam. Tufa waterfalls are formed from water that runs over dolomite rock, which absorbs calcium. This is the very reason that it is known as “the weeping face of nature”.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Visit the natural wonder called “Bourke’s Luck Potholes”. These Potholes have been formed over decades, due to the water that swirls over the rock formations that meet at the Treur River and the Blyde River.

Sudawala Caves

Visit the Sudwala Caves, which are regarded as the oldest caves in the world. Go see the PR Owen Hall known as the Amphitheatre, which has its own natural cooling system.

Lowveld Botanical Gardens

Visit the National Botanical Gardens, which is divided into eight sections. Enjoy a picnic on the lawns and look out for birds feeding off the nectar of the flowers. A brilliant photo opportunity, if you can catch it.

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Offering scenic boat trips and cruises on the Blyderivierspoort Dam in the Blyde River Canyon.